ORO-BOOST® Quarts Now Available Direct from Oro Agri

Fresno, CA ─ OROBOOST® adjuvant, in convenient quart bottles, in now available directly from Oro Agri.

Cannabis and nursery growers are discovering OROBOOST, a certified organic material, is a great tank mix partner with organic pesticides and foliar nutrients. When used at low labeled rates, it is a great spreader to uniformly distribute contact pesticides across the leaf surface and into hard-to-reach areas where pests and diseases can often go untreated. It is extremely effective in helping to control pests like mites, white flies, and powdery mildew. OROBOOST, when applied at higher labeled rates, penetrates the leaf cuticle allowing systemic pesticides and nutrients quicker adsorption into the leaf for rapid translocation throughout the plant.

OROBOOST is available in 12, 4 and 1-quart container cases. It can be purchased in case and pallet quantities. More information can be found at www.oroagriusa.com or by calling Oro Agri customer service at 877-773-8268.