The Versatile Soil Wetting Aid and Soil Penetrant

Top performance for deep-down spreading and penetration.

Get more out of any soil with TRANSFORMER® Soil Conditioner. By delivering increased water, pesticide and nutrient movement throughout soil, TRANSFORMER ensures deep and even distribution for maximum effectiveness.

University field trials have shown that TRANSFORMER improves the performance of pre-emergent herbicides. By increasing hydraulic conductivity in the soil profile, pre-emergent herbicides spread and form a uniform barrier, with no gaps, to kill even the toughest germinating weeds.

TRANSFORMER also boosts fungicide efficacy against soil-borne diseases like Rhizoctonia in potatoes, by moving fungicides into soil pore spaces, providing increased contact with disease spores and allowing the fungicide to surround and protect the seed or root.

Get more from every drop of water and soil applied inputs with TRANSFORMER.

Soil conditioning - Proven effective. Proven benefits.

TRANSFORMER has been proven by University studies to improve soil quality, including hydraulic conductivity, to increase nutrient and water availability to plants.

TRANSFORMER soil conditioning benefits:

  • Improves nutrient and water movement through hydrophobic soil, dense pockets and gaps
  • Increases microbial activity and metabolism by improving aerobic conditions
  • Bolsters nutrient availability through increased microbial activity

Soil penetrant – Inputs go deeper, farther and work longer.

TRANSFORMER promotes even distribution of pesticides and nutrients throughout soil to dramatically improve effectiveness.

TRANSFORMER soil penetrant benefits:

  • Improves the establishment of a pre-emergent herbicide barrier to boost weed control
  • Moves insecticides and fungicides more completely throughout the soil profile for better efficacy
  • Enhances feeder root development through increased nutrient availability