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Growers have always known the value of calcium in producing healthy crops. However, the challenge has been how to deliver enough readily available calcium to fruits and tubers at the right time in their development. Maintaining calcium levels with a comprehensive soil fertility program is important but may not provide the level of available calcium demanded by a developing crop.

The only way to prevent insufficient calcium in the developing produce is to increase the concentration of soluble calcium in the soil immediately surrounding the crop’s root system.

NANOCAL is a liquid, soil-applied product with calcium particles milled to less than 1 micron in size. This micronized particle size addresses some of the shortcomings of larger sized particles found in other calcium sources.

NANOCAL is formulated to be applied at bloom in fruits and vegetables and hook initiation in potatoes so the sub-micron particles are available to the developing crop. This timing takes the guess work out of whether there is enough calcium available when demand skyrockets during the critical period of cell division in the crop’s development.

We guarantee that when you choose Oro Agri products for your operation, you can GROW WITH CONFIDENCE.