Industry leading adjuvants and plant health products

Grow better with Oro Agri products.

Oro Agri adjuvants and plant health products provide growers around the world powerful and cost-effective solutions for improving crop health, combating pests and diseases and increasing yields for a wide variety of crop types. Our products have undergone thousands of university studies and real-world field trials, which have consistently demonstrated superior efficacy and extraordinary versatility.

Grow smarter with Oro Agri products.

All Oro Agri products are the result of advanced research and development combined with real world evaluation. Each has been shown to deliver superior results in fields worldwide. Our products contain proven custom formulations to provide the highest level of performance and proprietary breakthroughs like TransPhloemTM technology that delivers the quickest and most complete translocation of inputs throughout plants for better efficacy and better ROI for you.

Oro Agri premium adjuvants offer:

  • Enhanced performance of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and miticides
  • Improved uptake of nutrients
  • Better wetting, spreading and penetration of water and inputs
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Versatility with mix-rates for use throughout entire seasons
  • Proven effectiveness
  • A powerful tool for resistance management programs


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