Advanced Adjuvant Technology
designed for the Citrus Industry

OROCIT® is a scientifically advanced adjuvant designed specifically for improving the efficacy of inputs for the citrus industry. It has been shown to provide superior results when mixed with pesticides for the control of Asian Citrus Psyllid and other insect and disease pests. OROCIT provides superior spreading, wetting and penetration compared to alternative surfactants such as crop oil concentrates (COC), methylated seed oils (MSO), high surfactant methylated seed oils (HSMSO), silicone surfactants (SS) and non-ionic surfactants (NIS).

OROCIT has been extensively field tested and is an excellent spreader of contact pesticides when mixed at low rates and when mixed at higher rates provides penetration of inputs to a tree’s phloem to distribute materials throughout the tree and the roots.

OROCIT for Herbicide Programs

Quicken the Translocation of Systemic Herbicides throughout Weeds

A recent Oro Agri-commissioned study conducted by the University of Illinois has shown the TransPhloemTM technology contained in OROCIT offers producers improved translocation of herbicides to kill weeds faster and improve field conditions for all commercial crops.

OROCIT provides superior results compared to other adjuvant types and various crop oils, resulting in faster weed kill to improve the potential for higher yields.

Benefits of OROCIT plus herbicides include:

  • TransPhloemTM technology delivers MORE post-emergent, systemic herbicide to the weeds’ roots FASTER than other types of adjuvants
  • Superior spreading, wetting, and penetrating properties compared to other adjuvants
  • Enhanced rainfastness due to fast cuticle penetration
  • Ideal for herbicide resistance management


View video study results of TransPhloemTM technology

Lambsquarters treated with Roundup PowerMAX®
TransPhloemTM technology, incorporated in all Oro Agri foliar-applied adjuvants including WETCIT®, VINTRE®, OROCIT® and OROBOOST®, quickens the translocation of systemic herbicides throughout the plant leading to a faster kill off. In the pictures above, an application of an Oro Agri adjuvant containing TransPhloemTM technology combined with glyphosate resulted in a quicker kill of the lambsquarter weed.

This University of Illinois phosphorescent image shows translocation from a single leaf covered with herbicide and an Oro Agri foliar-applied adjuvant with TransPhloemTM technology, spreading throughout lambsquarter and delivering material to roots within 12 hours. TransPhloemTM technology is incorporated in all Oro Agri foliar-applied adjuvants: WETCIT, VINTRE, OROCIT and OROBOOST



OROCIT for Insecticide / Fungicide / Miticide Programs

Superior spreading, wetting and penetration for superior results.

OROCIT with TransPhloemTM technology provides the ideal method for improving the efficacy of pesticide applications. Field tests have shown OROCIT provides better coverage and penetration to deliver more active ingredients into plants and provide a more complete barrier to infestation. Unlike oil-based adjuvants, OROCIT does not leave sticky residues and provides quicker and more complete penetration through leaf surfaces.

Benefits of OROCIT plus insecticides / fungicides / miticides include:

  • Penetrates waxy cuticles to move systemic pesticides into the plant quickly
  • Is an excellent spreader, at low rates, for contact pesticides
  • Knocks down mite webbing and leaves no sticky residue to attract dust and cause mite flare-ups
  • Does not decrease stomatal conductance, unlike crop oil sprays that reduce transpiration and increase plant stress

Asian Citrus Phyllid control on oranges



OROCIT for Foliar Nutrition Programs

Better spreading and better absorption for better results.

OROCIT with TransPhloemTM technology maximizes foliar fertilization by increasing absorption of nutrients through superior deposition and penetration through leaf surfaces. TransPhloemTM technology allows for faster and more complete nutrient movement into and throughout plants than other adjuvants and surfactants. Better absorption with OROCIT’s proprietary formulation can increase quality and the potential for higher yields.

Benefits of OROCIT use with foliar applied nutrients include:

  • Increased nutrient uptake into the plant
  • Ensures complete coverage for better nutrient distribution
  • Does not decrease stomatal conductance, unlike crop oil sprays that reduce transpiration and increase plant stress

OROCIT shows dramatic improvement of deposition on leaves