The only adjuvant line with advanced
TransPhloemTM technology

TransPhloemTM technology, as found only in Oro Agri premium adjuvants including WETCIT, VINTRE, OROBOOST, ORO-RZ and ORO-HSMOC, accelerates the movement of pesticide active ingredients or nutrients for translocation throughout a plant, including the root. This quicker and more complete absorption and distribution provides faster kill times for pesticides, improved nutrient uptake and potential cost-savings due to increased effectiveness.

University study shows significantly better translocation action

An Oro Agri-commissioned two-year study conducted by the University of Illinois validates that TransPhloemTM technology improves the translocation of a glyphosate application (Roundup PowerMAX). Using a C14 radio isotope of glyphosate, the study concluded that WETCIT adjuvant was absorbed into the leaf quicker and moved a greater percentage of applied herbicide to the roots (the active site for glyphosate’s mode of action) faster than the other major types of adjuvants.

All vascular plants have two sets of tissues, the xylem and phloem. The xylem moves materials upward from the roots and the phloem moves materials upward and downward within the plant. Oro Agri adjuvants with TransPhloemTM technology allow active ingredients applied to plants to enter the phloem and efficiently translocate throughout the plant, including the roots, providing maximum effectiveness.



Oro Agri adjuvants with TransPhloemTM technology